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Responsible Safaris

We hope to share with you our reponsible travel ethics during your trip to Tanzania.

This commitment has several facets:

From abroad: Acting for Responsible Tourism is a movement joined by more and more Travel Agents in Europe and Corto as receptive to many of these agencies comply with the Charter of ATR. In fact, since our inception, Corto always refused to outsource some of its products and services such as Kilimanjaro climbs, and we have always paid our teams to the rates recommended by the park authorities. We continue to promote this engagement with other agencies that are not yet members of ATR.

From within Tanzania: We have permanent and semi-permanent camps on the territories of the Masai (Longido and the Gols Mountains) and thus we have agreements with these people and we pay them a lump sum for each client who stays in our camp ; such amount is paid mostly by check to the village authorities and is used for development projects in the village. The budget allocation is then for the authorities to check not for us, although we still have a very critical eye on their use of the money.

This commitment is a guarantee of quality but it also has a cost which is reflected in our prices. Whenever possible we will try to offer the best possible rate, but we will never give up our commitment to win a client as such. In your choice or comparison between us and other agencies, we will ask you to always try to compare us with similarly engaged outfitters, even if it is not always possible on the Internet to have a sense of the reality on the ground. Feel free to ask our sales consultants to give you a comparative quote with a program you like. If our quotation comes out more expensive, we will be happy to explain you how the quality and ethics of our services can justify the price difference.

Chauffe-eau solaire Ecole Masai du village voisin Construction de l'annexe de l'Ecole Masai par Corto

Corto Safaris finance également une association de femmes à Manyara : le Namelo Cultural Boma. Ces femmes Massaïs y organisent des activités culturelles mais aussi construisent des maisons selon leurs coutumes, fabriquent des colliers, des bracelets et des vêtements massaïs. Une visite culturelle peut être organisée afin d’aller à la rencontre de ces femmes qui ne savent pour certaines ni lire ni écrire.