The island of Pemba is situated 80 kilometers north of Zanzibar, and is the second largest island of the archipelago, once called Al-Khudr "The Green Island" by the Arab sailors. The island of Pemba has many hills and dense vegetation. It is a jewel in the Indian Ocean, a paradise.

This is the island of cloves with 3.5 million of clove trees. Other agricultural activities include the cultivation of various fruits and many varieties of vegetables. Pemba has a seafloor depth of 800 meters, making it an ideal place for divers for its coral reef. The island offers opportunities for scuba diving for all levels, both for beginners and experienced divers. A trip to the Lazarus bank is a unique experience for the more adventurous.

Le clou de girofle! Pemba's marine life is the richest and most varied in Tanzania. Pemba Map

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