Program Kilimandjaro Shira Route with a Night in the Crater

Day 1 - Lemosho/Forest Camp

Departure towards West Kilimanjaro region. Once arrived in the small village of Boma N'Gombe, we branch off towards Sanya Juu. In Londorossi, we meet the team of guides and porters, then start our hike via Lemosho. Trek through a relatively dry forest (compared to the more humid slopes of Machame and Umbwe). We set up camp at Mti Mkubwa (the big tree in Kiswahili), night at Forest Camp (2900 m).

Day 2 - Forest Camp/Shira Camp

We are slowly leaving the forest behind to enter a grass savannah, volcanic rocks, heather and falling lichen. We will meet the first signs of the afro-alpine flaura, above 3400 m, with a few groundsels. We reach the Shira Plateau towards the end of the day, with a fantastic view of the breach and the western slopes of Kibo Mount. Night at Shira Camp (3610 m).

Day 3 - Shira Camp/Fisher's Camp

Day allocated to the exploration of the Shira Plateau ; we cross the plateau, and depending on the group's fitness, may go until the needles and the cathedral. We do not climb much during this day, which contributes to a good acclimatisation. Night at Fisher's Camp (3800 m).

Day 4 - Fisher's Camp/Barranco

We now leave the Shira camp site, heading for the Kibo. The climb is steady until until the Moir Camp at 4200m. We set camp for the night. 4 hours hike with 200 m gradient. The descent to Barranco Camp brings us on the edge of a huge canyon, The Grand Barranco, in which giant groundsel, irrigated by a multitude of small waterfalls grow tremendously well. Camp set at 3940 m. 6h hike.

Day 5 - Moir/Barranco Camp/Arrow Glacier Camp

3 to 4 hours walk are required to reach Arrow Glacier Camp at 4800m. We are heading through LAva Tower Pass, then Lava Tower. Ahead of us rises the Western Breach, that goes all the way inside the crater. We set camp. 6 hours hike with 600 metres gradient.

Day 6 - Arrow Glacier Camp/Crater Camp

Departure before sunrise and after a snack. The temperatures are still cold. It is not until later on that they go above 0°C. We make our way through rocky bars, a few places where you will need to climb with your hands. The slope is steep. After 4 to 5 hours hike, we reach the edge of the crater and the Furtwangler glacier. We set up camp inside the crater at 5640m altitude. Rest and for those who want, a part of the afternoon will be reserved for discovering the crater, eruption cones, northern glaciers... 7 and a half hours walk, gradient of + 840 metres. Night under tent

Day 7 - Crater Camp/Uhuru Peak/Mweka

Breakfast then we begin the small trek leading to the summit Uhuru Peak (5895 m). Then one hour to return to Stella Point and another 1h30/2h for Barafu Camp. There it is advised to rest and drink, then head further down to Mweka Hut 3100 m, reached in the afternoon. 10 hours hike, gradient of + 255 metres / - 2795 metres. Night under tent.

Day 8 - Mweka gate/Arusha

Direct descent to the Park gates. 5 to 6h descent. Return to Mweka Gate where a certificate will be handed to you. Transfer to Arusha, for a well-deserved shower.


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